Assoc. Prof. İbrahim AŞKAR

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

First of all, you can call our service centre to clarify your appointment and come for a preliminary interview and consultation. If you wish, you can send a photo before the consultation and request a preliminary assessment from the aesthetic surgeon Doc. Dr. Ibrahim Aşkar in Istanbul. During the consultation, your doctor will guide you according to your expectations and needs and then plan your surgery with you.

What can you do to age beautifully?

Ageing is the most natural, inevitable and indispensable process for all of us. What we need to do here is to achieve “ageing well”.

From this perspective, what can be done to rejuvenate or reverse the signs of ageing? The medical world has been conducting scientific studies against ageing and anti-ageing for years.

Most frequently performed aesthetic operations

  • Nose aesthetics, lifting of the tip of the nose, nose aesthetics for the arched nose.
  • Breast aesthetics, breast lift, silicone prosthesis.
  • Abdominoplasty, fat removal, laser lipolysis, liposuction.
  • Hair transplantation, hair PR treatment, gold needle mesotherapy.

Is it possible to breathe easily?

Healthy breathing is possible with a nose correction, which provides more comfortable breathing and also a more photogenic appearance.

Your comfortable breathing is important for healthy breathing both when you are asleep and awake. Also, if you are trying too hard to take a photo that you think is photogenic and you notice imperfect details in the photos that you have never noticed before, you can determine the applications you need by talking to your doctor.

Docent Dr. Ibrahim Aşkar and his team will answer your questions about any aesthetic treatments you would like to receive.
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Patient Satisfaction is Our Priority

It is more important that you want to live a correct and healthy life with the aesthetic surgery you need than which aesthetic surgery you want to have performed.

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Successful plastic surgery

With our entire team, we always strive for the most perfect aesthetic results.

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Hair transplant

The joy of our patients who are not afraid to look in the mirror is our joy.

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Many years of experience

We have been working hard for years for the satisfaction of our patients without compromising.

Treatment of Crooked Legs (X-Legs) and Thin Legs

Treatment of Crooked Legs Treatment of bowing and thinness… Airport transfer Free consultation Postoperative care …

Spider Web Aesthetics

Spider Web Aesthetics Fadenlifting… Airport transfer Free consultation Postoperative care Accommodation in Istanbul 1-2 hours …

Aesthetic ear correction, Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty Surgery Airport transfer Free consultation Postoperative care Accommodation in Istanbul 45 min surgery takes …

Double chin liposuction

Double chin liposuction liposuction of the chin Airport transfer Free consultation Postoperative care Accommodation in …

Aesthetic surgery of the eyelids

Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery Airport transfer Free consultation Postoperative care Accommodation in Istanbul 45 min surgery …

Butt Lift Aesthetics

Butt Lift Aesthetics Airport transfer Free consultation Postoperative care Accommodation in Istanbul 3 hours surgery …

Especially for our patients

Before and after the surgery, we ask our patients to follow all the information provided by the doctor to protect their health and have the best recovery process.

Free consultation

If you wish, we can conduct a free examination at our centre, and if you are outside Istanbul, we can diagnose and instruct you via WhatsApp, Messenger and other apps with video calls or photos.

Contract accommodation

You can stay in 4 and 5 star hotels with arrangements for our patients if you are travelling from outside Istanbul for aesthetic surgery.

VIP airport transport

We offer our patients coming from outside Istanbul a comfortable pre-operation process with private airport transfer.

Interpreter support

If you wish, we can offer you a contracted interpreting service to avoid problems.