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Breast Augmentation Aesthetics

Breast Augmentation Aesthetics

Breast Augmentation is generally preferred by women with small breasts. This procedure enables women with small breasts to get an ideal breast size. Breast augmentation is a frequently preferred method today.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is in great demand and among the most common cosmetic surgeries for women. The operation, also called breast augmentation in medical terminology, is usually performed with the help of silicone implants. Another option is breast augmentation with autologous fat.

What is Breast Augmentation surgery?

Silicone Polarized Breast Augmentation: While some want this surgery, others do noyt. The reasons given are, for example, unnatural breasts or so-called high risks of breast enlargement. However, these fears are unfounded if women interested in breast surgery follow a few basic rules.

Why is Breast Augmentation Aesthetics done?

Breast augmentation can be done for women with small breasts. Of course, risks cannot be completely ignored in any surgical procedure. However, the strictest standards and compliance with the highest hygiene standards for the implants used can virtually eliminate serious health risks.

Who qualifies for Breast Augmentation Aesthetics?

Women with small breasts. We will provide information about breast augmentation with both implant and autologous fat. Reasons and advisability of breast augmentation surgery, as well as the appropriate procedure, possible risks and complications of the operation are discussed.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery Process

Healing starts within 3-4 weeks. Which Women Can Have Breast Augmentation? In principle, breast augmentation surgery can be performed on all women with very small breasts. It is the duty of a responsible health professional to ensure that the desired change is realistic and commensurate with the body.

Breast Augmentation Operation Process

The operation process includes a preparatory phase. This is followed by the procedure itself. Making fun of classmates and humiliating words from partners can further undermine their already low self-esteem. Non-surgical measures cannot provide permanent relief for very small breasts.

Silicones Used in Breast Augmentation

It is recommended to consult your doctor for silicone types. In addition to purely aesthetic motivations, there are also medical indications that may speak in favor of breast augmentation. These are: Congenital malformations, Congenital or acquired asymmetries / volume differences, Mamma aplasia (no mammary gland formation), Breast hypoplasia (very small breast size treatment).

Breastfeeding after Breast Augmentation

Breastfeeding can be carried out after 1-2 week. Possible risks and complications during breast enlargement include bleeding, wound healing disorders, infections, temporary or permanent sensitivity disorders due to injured nerves, capsular contracture and defects in the silicone implant may cause complications.

Removal of Silicones after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Post-operative silicones can be optionally removed. You can also access before and after photos and videos about the discussed subject. Please note that an informative page on the Internet cannot replace a discussion with your doctor.

Age Limitation for Breast Augmentation Surgery

A  restriction probably applies for those under the age of 18. No matter how good a push-up bra is at the beach or in the sauna, it does not please people. Surgical breast augmentation with silicone implants or autologous fat is therefore the only way for these women to enjoy life again.

Types of Implants Used in Breast Augmentation

You can consult your doctor for implant types. This happens during the initial consultation. You might want a breast augmentation for yourself or you can be pressurized by a spouse for example. It is important to know your own mind at times like this. A good surgeon will inform you about possible outcomes and possible risks.

What Types of Breast Augmentation Aesthetics are available?

There are different breast surgery procedures such as augmentation, reduction, and lifting. You will find the first important information about breast augmentation. This information has been compiled in collaboration with medical experts. You can clarify detailed questions about your personal situation with one of our specialists or your treating doctor.

How is Breast Augmentation done?

Augmentation is performed by placing silicone through an incision made underneath the breasts. One or both breasts may be lost after breast cancer. It is important to see real images before the operation. If breast augmentation is desired only for aesthetic reasons, the responsible surgeon will examine the psychological reasons more closely.

What Should Be Done Before Breast Augmentation?

Smoking must be stopped before surgery. The doctor’s recommendations should be followed. If the implants exceed a certain level, this is associated with an increased health risk for the patient. Surgeons should reject surgeries aimed at achieving unrealistically large breasts. Contraindications can be present only at certain times, for example, during pregnancy or permanent ones.

What happens after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

You can return to your normal life soon after the surgery. Breast augmentation cannot always be performed if the patient cannot tolerate general anesthesia. Contraindications that are always present are age (usually from 18 years of age), acute infections or unspecific breast findings. Breast augmentation should be performed only after breast health is checked.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Which doctor is suitable for breast augmentation? Whether the patient is satisfied with the result of the post-operative breast augmentation depends primarily on the surgeon. Hours spent alongside the operating table are the most important factor in choosing a doctor. All doctors who have performed several breast surgeries have sufficient experience with each diagnosis to achieve the best possible outcome for their patients.

Does Silicon Placed Under the Muscle cause loss of Strength in the Arm?

No, it does not. The qualified training of the doctor in surgery is of great importance. A plastic and aesthetic surgeon or specialist should be consulted. Qualified training and advanced training carried out on a regular basis should also be a part of the surgeon’s resume. The number of previous breast operations and before and after pictures are important indicators in choosing a doctor.

I had breast silicone implanted. How Long After the Surgery Can I Board a Plane?

After 1-2 weeks. It is also important for patients to trust the doctor and clinic to reduce stress. On the other hand, the question of cost should be secondary, after all your health is at stake. Implants can be salvaged when plastic surgeons say the cost of breast augmentation is much lower and can have a dramatic impact on a patient’s health.

Does Breast Silicone Burst Over Time?

No, they will not burst. Prior to the actual operation, there is always a detailed discussion with the surgeon where patient expectations and realistic options for breast surgery are discussed. For example, implants must be the right size to be commensurate with the rest of the body to avoid health risks.

Does Breast Silicone Shrink?

No, it does not shrink. Many doctors and clinics offer their patients 24/7 phone service at least 24 hours a day after the operation. Patients can contact their surgeon for complications or questions.
It is necessary to clarify any questions and determine the initial value with a detailed consultation with the surgeon. It is necessary to make an appointment for the surgery and smoking should be stopped two weeks before the surgery date. On the day of surgery: You come to the appointment on an empty stomach.

Can Breast Silicone cause allergies?

Although it varies from person to person, it usually does not. The desire to enlarge is due to the perception of the breasts as too small compared to the rest of the body. The breasts of some women develop with difficulty during puberty which can be the cause of a complex for a long time.

Is It Necessary to Change Breast Silicones?

No, it not. As with any surgical procedure, postoperative bleeding and wound healing disorders can occur. Another complication that can occur after breast augmentation with implants is called capsular contracture. This is the hardening of the connective tissue layer that forms around the silicone implant.

Does Breast Augmentation Surgery leave scars?

There will be no visible scars. The resulting connective tissue shell shrinks to a hemisphere and can lead to deformities in the breast in the worst case scenario. In this case, a second operation is required. According to the German Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (DGÄPC), the probability of capsular contracture as a result of breast enlargement is 20 percent. But only in 5 percent of these cases the implants actually need to be removed.

 Will Breast Augmentation cause Loss of Sensation?

No, there is no loss of sensation. Who is breast augmentation not suitable for? People under the age of 18, pregnant women, those with autoimmune diseases, allergies, hypersensitivity to the materials used should be careful about serious complaints. Acute infection or unspecific breast findings can pose a risk.

Do Breast Prostheses Cause Cancer?

No, they do not. However, if anatomical  implants are used, a recurrence can happen immediately after the operation. This is usually noticed and corrected directly by the surgeon. In 99 percent of cases, breast augmentation has no effect on the ability to breastfeed. However, the risk increases if the implant is accessed over the areola.

Does Breast Augmentation Cause Breast Sagging?

No it does not. Breast augmentation surgeries are usually performed under general anesthesia and supported by local anesthesia of the breast. This means that the patient will be pain free throughout the procedure. The patient receives pain medication from specialists and anesthesiologists even after the procedure so severe pain is not an issue.

Can Breast Asymmetry Be Corrected With Breast Silicone?

Yes it can be fixed. There may be mild discomfort or tightness in the chest area, especially for the first few days after breast augmentation surgery, and this can usually be relieved with common pain relievers. The severeness of pain ultimately depends on each patient’s individual perception of pain.
How long does the recovery process after breast augmentation surgery take?
Signs of improvement are seen within 3-4 weeks. Who is breast augmentation suitable for? Basically the procedure is suitable for all women who suffer from very small breasts.

Will I Have a drain after the Operation?

No. Since breast augmentation is an aesthetic-surgical procedure, the costs are generally not covered by health insurance companies. The situation is different if there is a medical need for surgery. This is the case, for example breast reconstruction (breast reconstruction) after cancer.

Can I Have a mammography after Breast Silicone?

Yes you can. Both statutory and private health insurances fully cover the costs of a medical indication. Thoracic surgery prices typically include supplies, anesthesia, surgery, accommodation and follow-up treatments.

When can breast silicone be applied after breastfeeding?

It is recommended to consult a doctor for the necessary information. Most surgeons offer monthly rates with agreed-upon rates and conditions. The right time for breast augmentation is determined with this procedure.

Does Smoking Affect the Healing Process?

It can affect the process. It is important that you look at your own body with a realistic perspective, without excessive expectations and the right doctor. The right doctor is a prerequisite for the success of the operation. Despite the alarming descriptions in the media, the risks of breast augmentation are relatively low today.

Will the breasts be lifted after the operation?

Enlargement and lifting can optionally be obtained in different groups. The experience and competence of the surgeon is very important for the safety of breast augmentation surgery. The implant used is also very important for the success of breast augmentation. The materials used today are safe, tested and have a long shelf life.

What are the Risks in Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Risks and complications of breast augmentation surgery; Every surgery carries a certain level of risk. However, the risks of breast augmentation can be partially reduced if hygiene standards are followed, the operations and aftercare are performed with diligence.
In rare cases, bleeding may occur during breast augmentation. Another possible but rare complication is pressure injury to nerves and soft tissues. During the consultation, the attending physician will explain any complications that may arise after the operation.

What is the Difference Between Rough and Smooth Surfaces Available in Breast Silicones?

You should consult your doctor for the necessary information. On the one hand, contraindications include such serious diseases as autoimmune diseases. Therefore, the surgeon should always be informed of the presence of any disease. On the other hand, allergies and hypersensitivity to the materials used should also be considered.

What are the Results of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The results are good enough to satisfy patients. Comprehensive and careful follow-up care by the surgeon is important to detect or completely prevent possible complications that may occur after surgery. It is also important to control the healing process and result after the breast augmentation operation.

Breast Augmentation Aesthetic Prices 2022

The cost of breast augmentation surgery depends on the size and type of material used and the surgical procedure. Therefore, we cannot give you a “flat rate” at this point, but an initial orientation can be offered to you by your doctor. You can contact us immediately for information about Breast Augmentation Aesthetic Prices 2022.


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