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What is Brazilian Butt Aesthetics?

Brazilian Butt Lift is an aesthetic surgery that is increasingly in demand. Basically the procedure consists of modeling the increased volume and shaping of the butt using autologous fat from the patient.
Brazilian Butt (BBL) Aesthetics
Brazilian butt lift is a very suitable option because of the double advantage it offers in butt remodeling because fat is taken from one area and used to fill another area where more volume is desired.
This is achieved without scarring or inconvenience to the patient, in addition to the advantage of avoiding the use of synthetic materials like regular silicone prostheses.

Who Can Be a Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The procedure is especially recommended for women with a low butt, fat accumulation in areas such as the abdomen, legs or arms, and a low hip volume. It is also possible to apply this technique to reach the desired volume by combining fat and a prosthesis when the patient’s fat is insufficient or a prosthesis is more suitable for the needs of the patient.

How is Brazilian Butt Lift done?

It is a simple technique in the hands of an experienced specialist. The procedure takes about two hours and it can be done with local anesthesia and sedation, although this varies according to the treated areas.
First, a liposuction is performed in which the fat is extracted from the donor area, and then it is drained with small incisions into the recipient area which in this case is the hips. During the first month after the procedure, 30 to 50% of the grafted fat will be lost, but the rest will remain in place and act as if it had always been there. The result is permanent as long as the patient does not experience a significant weight change.
The donor areas are usually the abdomen and back, so it is important to improve the body contours as the waist is narrowed and a more feminine figure is revealed.

Recovery Process after the Brazilian Butt Lift

The postoperative period in the procedure is quite rapid, but a compression garment needs to be worn for about a month and it is recommended to bend or sit as little as possible during this time. Lymphatic drainage and massage are beneficial to maximize results. Usually, the patient can return to daily activities after about 15 days.
The Brazilian butt lift has become a trend in plastic surgery. This trend will continue in the coming years. The importance of Body-Jet or Acualipo in the process should not be forgotten, because when liposuction is performed with pressurized water, the damage of fat removal is minimized and this increases its quality.
It cannot be denied that the butts of famous women, who attract attention with their voluptuous butts such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian, have been a frequent topic lately. Experts are increasingly performing this procedure with very satisfying and natural results.

What are the Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A butt lift can be done by placing prostheses, fat grafts, dermo-fat flaps or by resecting the skin and fat as shown in the image and leaving a scar only at the lower gluteal fold level. The most obvious benefit is to have full hips.
The procedure is designed to mark the groove on the butt and remove excess skin and fat in that area. It can be done independently or in combination with the removal of fat from the inner thighs with liposculpture or implantation of a prosthesis in the aforementioned area.
When you want more volume, you need to request a silicone prosthetic implant and butt augmentation surgery. It can be performed under local or epidural anesthesia, depending on the scope of the procedure. You need to be admitted to the clinic for 24 hours and wear a soft elastic compression garment for 15 days.
The butt can be enlarged in two basic ways. It can be enlarged with the use of silicone prostheses with a hidden incision under the gluteus maximus muscle, on or above the gluteus, between the two hips on one side. The procedure can be done under general or epidural anesthesia and usually requires an overnight stay in the hospital. Round or anatomical prostheses can be used to provide the most natural result according to the morphology and gender of the patient

How Long Does the effect of the Brazilian Butt Augmentation last?

The Brazilian butt is long lasting. Unlike breast implants, hip replacements have a much higher degree of adhesiveness in silicone gel, but they also require routine checks to confirm their integrity.
On the other hand, we have the possibility to use adipose tissue grafts for augmentation. In this case, fat will be taken from the areas that will benefit the patient’s silhouette the most, and after some preparations, this fat is injected into the areas where contour change is sought the most or depressions will be modeled. It is obvious that this technique is not only beneficial to the butt but the entire contours of the body, and since there is no synthetic material, there is no need for long-term revisions.
In terms of risks and consequences, when it comes to prostheses, the risks are less frequent than with breast prostheses, but there is a risk of encapsulation, seroma, or dislocation of the prosthesis. As for fat grafts, we just need to know which tissue graft is better.

What is Butt Lifting with the Brazilian Technique (BBL)?

It is a butt lifting procedure performed by experts. The number of gluteal prostheses used is much less than breast prostheses. Instead, the use of fat grafting has greatly increased its popularity. In any case, the results are very natural and stable over time.
Plastic Surgery has always been closely linked to fashion changes in our society. There has been a change in the minds about what a curvaceous woman looks like in recent months. Doctors also say that there are many celebrities who are interested in enlarging their hips.
When considering buttock augmentation surgery, the first step is to have clear expectations. After examining the hips in detail and checking factors such as the height, width and projection of the hip in question, the physiognomy of the patient is recommended if the patient exercises and is male or female.

Why Should I Have a Butt Lift Aesthetics With the Brazilian Technique?

It is the newest technique, has the least risk and provides the fastest recovery. The procedure consists of injections of hyaluronic acid, a natural product that can be absorbed to give a moderate increase in the hip area. It is an easy and fast technique that can be applied under local anesthesia.
This technique is performed by re-injecting the patient’s own fat cells extracted from areas where  unwanted fat has accumulated and shaping the figure with liposuction to obtain rounder hips. Fat is usually taken from the abdomen, hips, back or thighs.
This technique, which may require more than one procedure to achieve the desired butt size, is performed under local anesthesia and sedation. It is applied with microcannulas so that the scars become negligible over time which will take several weeks after the procedure.

What are the Effects of Butt Lift Aesthetics with the Brazilian Technique?

It is indicated for patients who want to have a voluptuous butt and a slim physiognomy. It is performed under general anesthesia with a 4 cm incision in the gluteal fold and the implantation of an ultracohesive silicone gel prosthesis into the internal cavity.
Tramuscular gluteus maximus. Brazilian butt requires at least one day and up to one month of hospitalization after the operation.
Buttock augmentation is an intervention that is becoming increasingly popular as men and women learn about its results. That is because the success rate is very high.
Today, many women are anxious about having a beautiful and prominent butt. Despite this, the surgery is rarely performed because it is seen as a complex procedure by many Plastic Surgeons. However, we can offer a good perspective to patients who already have nondescript hips or who think they lack in volume.

Are Brazilian Butt Lift Results Permanent?

Results are long lasting. One of the most important points in buttock augmentation surgery is the naturalness of the result. This can be achieved with two procedures:
Butt augmentation is performed with an implant placed in the muscle to prevent complications. A  good technique and selecting a good are very important in this procedure.
Brazilian butt augmentation is performed with automatic fat that allows reshaping the patient’s entire back. In this case, fat can be removed from the hip area. A global result is achieved with this technique, thanks to which we not only improve the shape of the hips, but also stylize the figure and achieve a more extraordinary body harmony.
Since butt augmentation surgery is a procedure that requires precision and special attention to achieve the closest result to the patient’s wishes, it is essential to go to a plastic surgeon who is an expert in his field and has proven himself.

Is Butt Lift Surgery Suitable for Me?

Hip augmentation is traditionally done with silicone implants. However, the Brazilian Butt technique uses the patient’s own fat. The fat is transferred from other parts of the body and the natural results are guaranteed. Necessary tests are carried out for compliance.
The Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon will conduct a preliminary examination to know the conditions of the patient’s procedure before performing the butt augmentation with the Brazilian buttock technique. The doctor needs to examine the areas for liposuction since the patient’s own fat will be used: thighs, hips or abdomen, and the quality of the skin is very important.
The specialist will always seek for balance and recommend the best option to the patient according to their goals and possibilities. Furthermore, it is a dual treatment, because not only the hips but also the fat extraction areas are improved.

How is Butt Lift Surgery Performed with the Brazilian Technique?

Superficial general anesthesia will be applied to the patient for the procedure. The first thing to do is to remove the fat from the appropriate areas. The extraction is done with  low-pressure liposculpture because ultrasound or laser liposuction can damage fat. The fat is cleaned and prepared for transfer.
Subsequently, fat is injected into the butt area with very small diameter cannulas, a previously made design on the new hip skin is very important. The fat receptor will be the gluteal region, which will increase the volume of the area designed according to the patient’s wishes and agreed with the plastic surgeon.
The intervention takes between 2 and 3 hours, after which the patient is usually hospitalized overnight. Post-operative and hip augmentation results are immediate and natural. Brazilian butt augmentation is an emergency intervention. The patient is discharged shortly after, but the dressings should remain until the next cycle, one week after the procedure.
Likewise, it is very important to follow the treatment prescribed by the specialist to avoid the complications or discomfort inherent in any surgical intervention. The surgeon usually recommends that a medical pillow is used to facilitate sitting on sofas, chairs, etc.. Fat grafts are not affected by pressure.

What happens if I gain weight after a Brazilian Butt Lift or become pregnant?

It will not be a problem. Consult your doctor for detailed information. Recovery usually takes between 10 and 15 days, and the result is quite satisfactory because it is natural, fast (very obvious in a month) and it enables the improvement and shaping of various fat areas in the body.
The concept of perfect body measurements has changed significantly over the years. Currently, multiple geographic, cultural and ethnic factors also play a role in determining a woman’s physique. In any case, female beauty continues to focus on the waist-to-hip ratio.
The butt has historically been one of the body parts most associated with the idea of ​​beauty. That is why gluteoplasty, a plastic surgery for hip augmentation, has grown by more than 20% since 2014.
How can we calculate our waist-hip ratio? It should be measured at the thinnest part of the waist, just below the ribs. Next, you need to measure your hips at the widest part.
After taking both measurements, you do the following simple calculation: Waist measurement / hip measurement = waist-to-hip ratio. Example: 70/105 = 0.6667.
Which patients are suitable for gluteoplasty? If you are trying to get your dream Brazilian butt by dieting and spending long hours in the gym, then gluteoplasty is the ideal solution for you. This surgery can end your complexes once and for all.
Choosing a qualified plastic surgeon is vital because once the operation is done, the changes can be irreversible. The specialist will choose the most suitable technique in each case.

Brazilian Butt Lift Prices 2022

It is recommended to consult your doctor for prices. An incision is made in the gluteal fold in the aesthetic procedure. Excess fat and skin are removed. Afterwards, the relevant area is tightened again. The procedure can be combined with fat transfer and/or liposculpture and gluteal prosthesis placement.
The following should be considered during the first weeks after surgery:
Avoid physical activities involving the hips for the first two weeks.
Wear compression stockings to protect the shape of your hips.
Attend regular lymphatic massage sessions.
Avoid sitting as much as possible.
Start doing exercises to tighten the gluteal muscles from the first month.
Lie face down for the first 15 days.
After the prosthesis is fitted on a woman, fat grafts are applied to the lower part of the hips to obtain a round and natural appearance. Fat is not applied to men because a more muscular appearance is sought in the Brazilian butt process. Feel free to contact us immediately for information about Brazilian Butt Lift Prices 2022.


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