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Butt Lift Aesthetics (Brazilian Butt)

During the Butt Lift procedure, after the patient’s complaints have been recorded, the flabby and poorly contoured areas of the hips and buttocks are marked while the patient is awake. For treatment and application of local anaesthesia, the patient is placed face down. A small incision is made in the coccyx and special sutures made of conical structures are placed with metal cannulas between the marked areas. The process to lift the buttocks is completed in 30-60 minutes on average. With the placement of these sutures, the butt lifting process is complete and a firm buttocks is obtained. The placed sutures dissolve in 6 months.

The Butt Lift process is easily applicable for both men and women. The age of the patient must be over 18. It should be remembered that butt lift is not a butt augmentation procedure. Small and sagging buttocks may need to be augmented even if a butt lift is performed. The route to be taken will be determined after the patient has been assessed by the plastic surgeon. For patients with fat in the buttocks and hips, whether they are overweight or not, liposuction should be performed to achieve a sculpted buttocks. In these patients, the healing process may take longer. In patients with skin tears and loss of tissue elasticity, the procedure may not give the desired fresh appearance of the buttocks.

Swelling that occurs one or two months after the Butt Lift procedure largely disappears. The incisions of the sutures in the marked areas become imperceptible within 6 months. On close inspection, it may look like an acne scar. Although rare, bruising may occur after the butt lift. Although there may be pain when sitting and standing for a few days, this pain can be relieved with the painkillers used. Active sports should be avoided for 6 weeks after the butt lift.
The technique of a butt lift with sutures, which can always be used seasonally, is a method that is frequently used by aesthetic surgeons on an international level. The effect of the butt lift lasts 3-5 years. However, weight gain and loss after the butt lift can distort the shape of the buttocks. For this reason, all aesthetic surgery applications are performed taking into account the patient’s pre-operative condition.


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