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What is Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)?

Rhinoplasty surgery helps us achieve the desired nose appearance, making the nose harmonious and natural with the rest of the face. It also allows the treatment of curvatures and traumas that sometimes make breathing or even resting difficult.

Nose Aesthetic Surgery – How Is Rhinoplasty Performed?

Rhinoseptoplasty allows the correction of nasal anomalies that may affect health and nasal ventilation, such as septum deviation.

However, it can be used to incorporate cosmetic changes during the procedure. We will explain what these rhinoplasty treatments include, how the pre-operative and recovery process is.

How is Nose Aesthetics Performed?

It is important to know each case, personal expectations, facial features and other details to recommend the best procedure. In the first meeting with the patient regarding the pre-operative period, both internal and external examination of the nose should be done very meticulously. In this way, it is possible to create supportive bone and cartilage structures as well as possible respiratory difficulties.

Who Can Have Nose Aesthetics?

People who have problems with their nose can have it done. Before operating the nose, it is necessary to evaluate the entire face. A nose that is proportional and compatible with the patient’s face is always sought by surgeons to achieve the highest possible naturalness.

For this, experts examine the features as they are a basic guide to performing the nose operation with optimal results. Doctors always help the patient to determine the most suitable solution for his/her own situation, taking into account the opinions and wishes of the person.

In Which Situations Should Nose Aesthetics Be Performed?

It can be done in cases where you feel a problem in your nose. The surgery is usually painless and heals within a few weeks. However, the postoperative period varies according to the development of each case.

The nose is a very characteristic facial feature of humans. Sometimes you may not be satisfied with the shape, size or appearance of our nose. Fortunately, there are surgical options to change the appearance that people are unhappy with. Sometimes, in certain situations, you may also choose to inject effective fillers to correct the contour of the tip of the nose or the bridge of the nose itself.

Open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty methods are used in our center. During operation, the latest technology, laser devices are used.

What are the Types of Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

There are types of open and closed surgeries. Nasal tip aesthetic surgery can cover many points on the nose, including the starting point of the bridge of the nose. This intervention is a cosmetic operation that focuses on changing the tip of the nose and allows you to increase or decrease the angle between the tip of the nose and the nose.

Surgical Rhinoplasty
A natural and aesthetic appearance is obtained by removing the excess cartilage in the nose.

Open Rhinoplasty
A small incision is made at the tip of the nose so that the nose can be fully seen during the surgery.

Closed Rhinoplasty
Incisions are made through the nasal cavity. There will be no incisions or scars on the nose after the surgery.

Who Are We?

Doç. Dr. İbrahim Aşkar Clinic is one of the most prosperous aesthetic hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey which offers aesthetic and hair transplant operations. Our goal is to offer the highest quality services with the most competitive prices. Thanks to our surehanded medical staff, most advanced hospital equipment, and most recent technologies, we guarantee the best results possible and complete satisfaction for all our patients.

Doç. Dr. İbrahim Aşkar Clinic’s team is handpicked specialists from all over the World and each of them has trained by experienced doctors following IA Clinic’s exceptional standards.

Why Is The Plastic Surgery Cheaper In Turkey?

Turkey manufactures its equipment locally, and the cost of living is lower than European countries.

How Long Is The Flight To Istanbul?

From European, Middle Eastern and Gulf countries, not longer than 4 Hours, From the USA and Canada, the flight is about 12 hours.

How Can I Arrange Transfers From Hotel And Hospital?

Have no worries. We will provide you with a private driver, who will welcome you at the airport, and
will take care of your transportation during your stay.

What Is The Best Time For Surgery?

You can always have your aesthetic surgery no matter what the season is.

Are You A Candidate For Plastic Surgery?

Yes you are, you will also go through the necessary tests before the procedure to ensure a 100%
successful operation.

Types Of Anesthesia

In aesthetic operations, local or general anesthesia is applied according to the preference of your doctor.

Can I Have Multiple Procedures At The Same Time?

Certain cosmetic surgeries go hand in hand, whether to do it or not, is up to the doctors to decide
based on the patient’s medical condition.

When Can I See The Results?

At İbrahim Aşkar Clinic, our doctors use the most advanced techniques to make the healing
process faster and have almost no edema, however the final results may vary from one operation
to another.


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