Breast Lift Operation

Breast Lift is the suturing and tightening of sagging breasts that have lost their elasticity and volume for various reasons. Breast augmentation can also be done with an implant depending on the size of the sagging breasts.
Breast Lift
The following deformations can be corrected with breast lifts, which have become a method preferred by many women today;
Sagging breasts with age,
Sagging breasts after pregnancy or weight loss,
Breast malformations such as tubular breast,
The shape and appearance of breasts,
Small breasts can be corrected with breast augmentation at the same time.

Why Do Breasts Sag?

Breasts sag as a result of:
Pregnancy and lactation, overstretched skin, breasts are unable to recover after milk production,
Weight loss, loss of adipose tissue in the breasts,
Aging, loss of skin elasticity,
The long-term effect of large, heavy breasts can cause skin tissue to be overstretched.
Is breast lift an option for you? Breast lift is especially popular among women over 40. Most often, the operation is performed after pregnancy and breastfeeding or after severe weight loss.

How is Breast Lift done?

Breast lift, also technically called mastopexy, is a plastic-aesthetic surgery procedure that optimizes the shape of the breasts. This procedure consists of eliminating excess skin and tightening the breasts to create firm and youthful breasts.

Who Should Have a Breast Lift?

The procedure is applicable to women who have reached maturity. How is a breast lift done? There are various surgical techniques for breast lifting, which are similar to breast reduction surgery and are determined in consultation with the specialist. The most modern and gentle method today is the OrbiShape method.
Basically, the operation is usually performed as an inpatient procedure under general anesthesia. During surgery, the surgeon will make up to three incisions, remove excess tissue and, if necessary, elevate the nipple.

Preparation for a Breast Lift Operation

From a medical standpoint, this is usually uneventful.  Sagging breasts can make women dissatisfied with their bodies and bruise their self-confidence. Such problems are a valid reason for a breast lift.
The random need for a breast lift may be triggered by a relationship problem or other psychological conflict. The extent to which the surgery will help the individual should be discussed in more detail beforehand.

Before Breast Lift

What should be considered before breast lift? The prerequisite for the surgery is that the patient’s growth has been completed and the breasts are fully developed. Ideally, the procedure should be done after pregnancy and breastfeeding as this can make breastfeeding difficult or impossible. If the woman has just given birth, she must wait at least eight months after breastfeeding for the breast to return to normal.
A detailed consultation is done with the doctor (usually a plastic surgeon) who informs his patients in advance about the various surgical techniques and the possible risks of a breast lift. Conversely, the woman tells the doctor what she expects from the operation and how she imagines her “new” breast. You will decide together which surgical method will be used for mastopexy.

Using a Protective Bras After Breast Lift

Postoperative bra use is recommended. The greatest tightening effect can be achieved with a T-cut. Here, the doctor cuts the nipple vertically from the lower edge to the breast crease and continues to cut in and out, creating an upside-down T. The L cut works the same up to the underbust crease, but continues outward from there. If the surgeon does this without making a completely horizontal incision, he will talk about applying the Lejour technique, the i-cut.

What about the Recovery Process of Breast Lift Surgery?

Improvement can be observed within a month or two. The course and appearance of the scar, breast lift is always associated with visible scars. The extent depends on the incision technique and the amount of skin flap to be removed. Usually, a scar is formed in the under-breast fold and perpendicular to the under-breast fold from the nipple. These scars will continue to fade over time.
However, a visible trace will remain. If there is a lot of excess skin, the nipple usually needs to be moved upwards. This is done by making an incision around the nipple which forms a circular scar. In general, however, this scar is relatively inconspicuous.

Can I Breastfeed After Breast Lift Surgery?

During surgery, the mammary glands are largely protected, so breastfeeding can be performed. What are the risks of breast lift? The risk of complications with breast lift is very low. Bruising, bleeding, and infection are rare but can occur with any surgery. Sensation disorders and loss of sensitivity in the nipple or some areas of the skin are also normal and disappear after a few weeks.
If breast lift is not done professionally, there may be differences or unevenness in the size and sides of the nipples. Therefore, it is extremely important that the operation is performed by an experienced surgeon. Every patient needs to know that a breast lift leaves visible scars, but can heal very well with careful follow-up treatment and care.

Can Breast Sag  again after Breast Lift Surgery?

Those who are considering pregnancy again can also experience sagging. The patient can continue to breastfeed after the surgery depending on the incision technique. Procedures that completely remove the areola are extremely rare. Unless family planning is completed, a qualified doctor will usually advise against a breast lift.
What criteria should I consider when choosing a doctor? Price should never be the determining factor in any aesthetic procedures. It is important that your surgeon has extensive experience with the procedure and that you trust him.

Can I Breastfeed After Breast Lift Surgery?

Yes, you can breastfeed. Only well-trained surgeons with many years of breast lift experience should perform the procedure. However, finding the right clinic is not easy. Many clinics offer the same service but differ in quality and service.
Clinical selection checklist;
Is it easy to reach the clinic?
Is the medical equipment up to date?
Do the doctors have enough experience?
Do you trust the doctor?
Are hygiene and cleaning standards adhered to?

Any references and reviews?

A firm, well-shaped breast is an expression of beauty and femininity. However, it is quite normal for the skin to lose its elasticity and firmness over the years. This natural aging process manifests itself on the face and does not stop with the chest.

Are Breast Scars after Breast Lift disturbing?

No, most scars fade away with proper treatment. It is undisputed that a breast lift can significantly improve a woman’s well-being and self-esteem. On the other hand, the operation is associated with a certain risk of complications. And there is no guarantee that firm breasts will please.
Therefore, the doctor and the patient should discuss the risks and expected benefits in detail beforehand and decide on the procedure only after carefully weighing all the criteria. In addition, patients will have to cover the costs themselves, as mastopexy is almost always a purely aesthetic measure that is not medically necessary. If implants are added, costs often increase.

From What Age Can Breast Lift Surgery Be Performed?

It can be done after reaching 18 years of age and reaching breast maturity. What are the causes of breast lift? After all, no woman can escape the fact that her breasts will remain slack for life. The main reason for this is that the skin and connective tissue lose their elasticity and flexibility with age. However, when and to what extent this process begins depends on a large number of individually different factors.
For example, very large and heavy breasts will initially cause the skin to stretch more than a smaller breast size. Also, some women tend to lose their elasticity faster than others in what is popularly known as “poor connective tissue.” Pregnancy can also weaken tissues. Since the breast contains adipose tissue, women lose their fullness even when they lose weight. Some women are also uncomfortable with the natural shape of their breasts or large nipples.

Can Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation be done Together?

It is recommended to consult your doctor in this regard. Typically, the plastic surgeon performs the breast lift in the hospital. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes two to three and a half hours. Mastopexy has more than twenty different cutting techniques, some of which are also used for breast reduction. The choice of the surgical method by the doctor and the patient depends on many factors.
On the one hand, women’s wishes and thoughts are asked. On the other hand, their physical needs are a consideration, for example, the size of their breasts, the texture of the skin and connective tissue, and the position of the nipples. The aim is always to create a natural breast shape with as few scars as possible. This can be achieved by combining  breast augmentation or reduction with the placement of implants.

Does SSI pay for Breast Lift Surgery?

Usually not, but you can consult your doctor. All these surgical methods remove excess skin and usually move the nipple upwards. Using the i-cut and Lejour technique, doctors create a drainage through which blood and secretions can flow to collect the skin with a special suture and suture the wound. This initially creates a shrunken scar that heals after a few months as the skin naturally shrinks. Finally, the patient is fitted with a tight bandage or a special bra that supports and fixes the breasts.

Will My Breast Size Change During Breast Lift?

Changes can be made according to the surgery. What happens after the surgery? The breasts are usually swollen and often painful for the first few days. Pain relief can be prescribed to the patient until these symptoms resolve. The doctor usually removes the wound drainage a few days after the surgery. You will then receive a support bra that you must wear day and night for at least the first three weeks and then for at least three weeks thereafter. If there is no problem, the patient is discharged from the hospital approximately one week after the operation.

Is Non-Surgical Breast Lift an option?

Unfortunately it is not possible. After the breast is emptied, the wounds are sutured and a bandage is applied. A special bra should be worn for at least six weeks after the drains are removed. You can learn more about methods and incision techniques for your breast lift.

Is Breast lift followed with Numbness?

There can be numbness for the first few days. Generally speaking, experts recommend a breast lift when family planning is complete. While a new pregnancy can change the shape of the breast again, the process can affect the ability to breastfeed.
Regardless of the reasons for breast lift, all patients should have reached the ideal or desired weight beforehand, as excessive weight fluctuations can distort the result. Depending on the patient’s initial condition, a breast lift can always be combined with breast reduction or breast augmentation with implants.

Breast Lift Surgery Prices 2022

Depending on the chosen surgical method and its overall scope, the procedure takes between 1.5 and 4 hours. Breast lift prices vary according to the surgical technique, clinic, location and experience of the surgeon, and therefore a fixed price cannot be quoted. You can contact us immediately to get information about Breast Lift Surgery Prices 2022.

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