What is Sapphire Hair Transplantation?
Sapphire Hair Transplantation is performed with the use of the fue technique, preventing hair loss. This technique helps hair transplantation together with the special sapphire tip pen used in the process. The patient is examined before the procedure.
Subsequently the donor and operation area are determined. The collected hair follicles are called  grafts. The effective result of the hair transplant is ensured with the collection and transplanting of the grafts.
Pens with special tips are used according to the size and thickness of the hair follicles. Therefore, it is not possible for the hair follicles to be damaged or impaired. Therefore, healthier hair is achieved by meeting the patient’s demand with effective and successful results. Since the grooves opened with sapphire hair transplantation are small, the healing process is rapid.
How is Sapphire Hair Transplantation done?
The patient is examined before the sapphire hair transplant operation. Detailed information about the hair problem is obtained during the examination.
Thus, the donor and the operation area are determined and the procedure is planned. Small incisions can be made thanks to the sapphire-tipped blades.
The treatment is completed by collecting the hair follicles and then transplanting them one by one. The local anesthesia applied before the procedure ensures that the patient does not feel pain. The preliminary examination is very important to fulfill the expectations of the patient in the best way. Thus, this stage is known as the phase during which complaints and demands are voiced.
What are the Advantages of Sapphire Hair Transplantation?
Hair transplantation is among the applications that have benefited from the development of technology recently. There are many types of hair transplantation, which are considered in terms of techniques and methods. Any possible risks are minimized thanks to the sapphire tip pen used in the sapphire hair transplant operation.
Thus, a natural appearance is achieved to eliminate the problem of hair thinning and baldness. It is an effective treatment method that provides advantages in many areas.
Any complications that can occur are very few. Therefore, effective results can be obtained by following and paying attention to the instructions issued after the procedure. Since rapid recovery is achieved, it is possible for the person to return to his social life in a short time. Allergic reactions are not encountered with the sapphire-tipped blades that are used. The procedure can be performed in a way that is convenient for each patient, once the terms and conditions are met.
Who is an Eligible Candidate for Sapphire FUE?
The candidate’s suitability for the sapphire hair transplant application with the Fue technique is checked. This is a procedure that is applicable for people with thinning hair and hair loss. However, the patient must be suitable for this treatment.
It is of great importance that the medical procedure and the operation is carried out in line with these steps. The candidate for the procedure must be over 18 years of age since it is a treatment that qualifies for an aesthetic procedure.
Thus, the aim is to ensure that the candidate’s development process has been fully completed and the operation is concluded effectively. The procedure is considered suitable for individuals between the ages of 18-60 and without any health problems. It is not suitable for people with chronic illness, diabetes and who use anticoagulants.
Stages of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation
Sapphire hair transplantation consists of 3 different stages. These stages are classified as before the hair transplant, during the hair transplant surgery and after the hair transplant. The stage before the transplant is known as the most important stage. This is the stage where the patient expresses his complaints and demands. The procedure is planned accordingly and the necessary studies are carried out.
Hair transplant surgery is the second stage in which the specialist physician is dominant and which should be done in a hygienic environment. The planning should include meticulous work in a hygienic environment.
The third stage is the part where the patient has the most responsibility. After the procedure, there are important points that need attention and must be fulfilled. Effective results will be obtained when the instructions given by the specialist physician are followed and taken into consideration. Otherwise, the procedure might have to be repeated if the operation is unsuccessful.
Collection of Hair Roots in Sapphire FUE Technique
Local anesthesia is applied to the donor and the procedure area before the procedure is started. Local anesthesia ensures that the procedure is painless for the patient.
In general, grafts are collected from the nape and behind the ears. Hair follicles must be carefully collected. Pens with different tips are used according to the length and thickness of the hair follicles.
This ensures that the grafts are collected without any damage. Then they are grouped and made ready. In the last stage, they are kept in a special solution.
Opening Grooves in the Sapphire FUE Technique
The grooves are opened after the collected grafts are grouped and placed in a special solution.
The grooves should be opened according the thickness of the hair follicles. The grooves are opened using special sapphire tipped pens.
The grooves are opened with the help of a V-shaped special pen according to the graft groups. Good results are achieved as the grooves are opened at right angles.
Transplantation of Hair Roots in Sapphire FUE Technique
The hair transplantation starts after the previously collected hair follicles have been grouped and the grooves have been opened. The procedure is performed by transplanting the hair follicles in the relevant area with a sapphire-tipped pen.
Transplanting is done by opening grooves according to the right angle and proportion. The outcome of the procedure will not be successful if the hair roots are not transplanted with consideration for their growing direction.
The operation is carried out in accordance with the plan. The duration of sapphire hair transplantation can be limited to 6-8 hours on average.
Sapphire FUE First Wash / Wound Care
It is necessary to take various points into consideration before and after the procedure to achieve a rapid recovery. The hair should not get wet after the procedure. The procedure is carried out by following the instructions given by the specialist physician.
The first wash should be done after 5-6 days. The hair roots will have settled in the grooves by this time. Since the procedure is done with a sapphire tipped blade, the healing process takes a short time and therefore the effects are seen in a short time.
Side effects are quite mild. Therefore, bruising, swelling and redness that can occur are short-term. This process can continue for a week. The first step is the healing of wounds. Afterwards, the effects start to show and the benefits of hair transplantation are revealed.
Why is Sapphire Hair Transplant Important?
Light incisions are made with a special-tipped blade. This enables more stable and accurate hair transplantation.
The measures taken ensure that the most effective results are achieved. It is known that the healing process takes a shorter time than other methods.
Possible side effects are very few. Sapphire tipped blades are unlikely to cause any allergic reaction. Therefore, sapphire hair transplantation is an important treatment method that gives robust results.
What should be done before Sapphire Hair Transplantation?
A detailed research should be done about health centers after deciding on hair transplantation.
The success rate of the treatment is high after getting help from an experienced and reliable physician. Performing the hair transplantation in a careful and hygienic environment is a must for the aesthetic procedure.
Appointments are usually made at 15-day intervals. Thus, the intake of some foods shall be interrupted before the procedure. Alcohol, cigarettes and herbal tea intake must be suspended. In particular, the use of antibiotics, anticoagulants and pain relievers should be suspended for a while. These measures ensure that the outcome of the procedure is quite high.
What should be done after Sapphire Hair Transplantation?
The grafts need to adhere to the hair roots after the procedure. There are issues that need to be taken into consideration to enable the hair follicles to take hold.
You should definitely not take a shower immediately after the procedure. Avoid places such as baths and saunas. Heavy sports and exercises cause a person to sweat.
If the scalp sweats, the hair follicles cannot take hold after the hair transplantation, and the procedure ends unsuccessfully. The suspension of the harmful substances before the process must continue after the process. This will ensure that improvement is achieved in a short time and the desired result is achieved.
When will my Hair grow after a Sapphire Hair Transplant?
First the wounds need to heal. The impact of hair transplantation is observed after the wounds heal.
The impact cannot be seen until the wounds heal. In the three-month period after hair transplantation, the hair sheds completely.
The shedding that occurs will pave the way to full hair later on. Again, another three months is needed. After this three-month period, the hair starts to grow. Effective results will be obtained and the hair will grow if the given instructions are followed.
What is done in the first 1-3 months after Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation?
The instructions issued after hair transplantation must be followed. This will ensure that the hair  grows in a shorter time and effective results are achieved. Side effects such as swelling and bruising can occur in the first week after the procedure. This is followed by crusting.
The crusting is a problem that usually continues for the first month. Shock shedding occurs when hair follicles grow rapidly.
The hair grows again after the shock shedding and starts to grow. The hair starts to emerge with the healing of the scalp and the repair of the cells. The first three months are very important. Issues needing attention should be taken into account.
What is done in the first 6 months after Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation?
The transplanted hair starts to shed in the first three months. This shedding means that the hair will grow thicker and the procedure will have success results.
The hair will grow in the 6th month and continue to grow. The individual should not be anxious because of the weak hair roots.
Over time, the hair will become stronger and will appear more robust. The hair strands thicken and start to look fuller.
What to do 1 Year after a Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant?
One year must pass before fully successful and effective results are achieved.
Shedding and hair growth starts within a year. If this occurs in the first 6 months, the process is proceeding gradually.
The person will have thick hair after one year. Better results are achieved in this period when hair follicles and hair strands become stronger and thicker. However, it is of great importance that the problem of hair loss is prevented by paying attention to food and beverage intake.
Sapphire Hair Transplant Prices 2022
We see that our daily life is getting easier day by day with the use of the latest technology. Therefore, it is everyone’s natural right to benefit from these blessings. Treatment methods are applied to prevent hair problems that almost everyone has experienced in daily life.
There is variation in the techniques and methods of treatment. Therefore, the price of the procedure will differ accordingly.
No exact up-to-date information can be given about price information. Up-to-date information about sapphire hair transplant 2022 prices can be obtained after having an examination at the relevant center where the procedure will be performed. You can contact us for information about sapphire hair transplant prices 2022.

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