Spider Web Aesthetics: With age, wrinkles and sagging appear on the face and body. Recently, many people prefer a non-surgical spider web aesthetic. You can contact us for detailed information on this application, which is referred to in the literature as thread stretching, contour lift, thread lift, spider web aesthetics.

For spider web aesthetics to be performed, the sagging or drooping in the area of application should not be too great. Spider web aesthetics does not cause a tense feeling in the face after facelift surgery compared to other methods and surgeries. Moreover, since the procedure takes a very short time, people can return to their lives without interruption.

If there are wrinkles on your face, if your face is saggy, if there are wrinkles around your lips and mouth, if there are wrinkles under your lower eyelids, if you have sagging skin under your chin, if you want to rejuvenate and renew your face with a thread lift.

It is especially used for sagging on the abdomen and hips after childbirth.


With the preliminary examination of your plastic surgeon, the procedures to be performed and whether you are a suitable candidate are decided. The procedure, which is applied in a very short time, is painless.
The threads used in spider web aesthetics are self-dissolving and harmless. The procedure, which is as simple as it is safe, results in a quick recovery. It is applied under local anaesthesia and no scars are visible. The effect of the application lasts for 2 years and can be repeated if necessary.

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