TREATMENT OF CROOKED LEGS; As another form of silicone used for breasts in women, calf implant is used to correct the thin and crooked legs. Calf silicone or leg silicone, namely calf implant, is inserted into the inner back of the leg during surgery. With this implant, the leg is thick to the inside and back and the curvatures are camouflaged.

The cosmetic surgery of the crooked leg takes about 1-1.5 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia or sedation. The procedure is performed with a 4 cm incision in the natural creases of the knee and as the area heals well, there is no visible scar.
After the implant, i.e. the silicone prosthesis, is inserted, slight pain may be felt for 5-7 days; the pain subsides after a week. There is also slight swelling. While the swelling is mild at first, it may increase and decrease afterwards. You can get up again on the day of the procedure.

If there is a bow on the side of the knee and there is no problem on the lower legs, the problem can be corrected with fat injection. In fat injection, fats taken from other parts of the person’s body undergo special procedures and this fat is injected into other parts of the same person. The main success factors of the injection depend on the surgical material used, the different processes of the fat and the way the fat is taken.
20% – 40% of the fat transferred during fat injection may remain permanently after 6 months. Therefore, this procedure may need to be repeated. In this case, some patients may want to have a large amount of fat injected. However, this does not increase the success of the fat injection process.
The fat that is injected in at the Aesthetics of Crooked Legs is taken using the liposuction technique. The operation, which is performed under general or sedation anaesthesia, takes about 1.5 hours. No scars remain in people who have had a fat injection.
5-7 days after the procedure, slight swelling can be seen. Results are visible after 1 month. The final result will appear when some of the fats melt by 6 months later. Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to repeat the procedure after 6 months.

If the patient is afraid of surgery, the leg crookedness can be corrected without surgery with the recently preferred Aquafilling filling. With Aquafilling it is also possible to remove and thicken the thinness of the leg.
In crooked leg aesthetics, Aquafilling is applied to the inner part of the leg, the outer part, around the knee and ankles to add volume to a supposedly missing area. With Aquafilling performed under local anaesthesia, i.e. treatment of the crooked legs, the patient can return to normal life immediately.
It is a water-based filler that lasts up to 5-8 years. Apart from legs, it can also be used in surgeries like breast augmentation and butt augmentation if desired. Since there is no incision in the Aquafillin filler that can cause any harm to the body, there are no problems like scarring.

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